Does Your Snap Score Increase When You Open a Snap?

Are you curious about how Snapchat scores work? Have you been pondering whether your score increases when you receive a snap or when you open it? You’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll explore the ins and outs of Snapchat’s scoring system. We’ll walk you through the steps to figure out when your score goes up and provide tips to help you boost it. Let’s dive in!

Step by Step Tutorial: Increasing Your Snap Score

Before we jump into the steps, let’s understand what we’re aiming for. By following these steps, you’ll learn when your Snapchat score increases and how you can check it.

Step 1: Send a Snap

Sending snaps is the primary way to increase your score.

When you send a snap to a friend, your score goes up by a point. It’s that simple! However, sending snaps to multiple people at once doesn’t multiply your score – it still goes up by just one point.

Step 2: Open a Snap

Opening snaps also contributes to your score.

Once you receive a snap and open it, your score will increase by a point. So, both sending and opening snaps will raise your Snapchat score. But remember, it has to be a photo or video snap – text messages don’t count.

After completing these actions, your Snap score will increase. It’s not instant, though; it might take a little time for your score to update.

Tips for Increasing Your Snap Score

  • Engage more with friends: The more you snap with different friends, the more likely your score will increase.
  • Send snaps regularly: Make it a habit to send at least one snap per day.
  • Participate in Snapstreaks: Maintaining streaks with friends can boost your score.
  • Be creative with your snaps: Using filters, lenses, and other features might contribute to a higher score.
  • Check your score often: Keeping an eye on your score can motivate you to engage more on the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my score go up for chatting?

No, text chats do not increase your Snap score. Only photo and video snaps count.

Can I increase my score by watching stories?

No, watching friends’ stories will not affect your score.

Does my score go up if someone views my snap?

Your score does not increase when someone views your snap; it only goes up when you send or open a snap.

Do group snaps increase my score more than individual snaps?

No, your score increases by one point whether you send a snap to one person or to a group.

How often does my Snap score update?

The score typically updates every few minutes, so you might not see the change immediately after sending or opening a snap.


  1. Send a snap to increase your score.
  2. Open a snap to further boost your score.


Understanding how your Snap score works can be a fun part of using the app. It’s like a game where you’re constantly trying to beat your high score. Just remember, it’s not about obsessing over numbers but about connecting with friends and enjoying the platform. Sending and opening snaps both contribute to your score, so keep snapping away. Don’t forget to use the platform responsibly and respect your friends’ privacy. Keep these tips in mind, stay active, and watch your Snap score soar. Are you ready to become a Snapchat pro? Happy snapping!